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WSCC Dementia Care Showcase

With an early rise we were ready to ensure the event went smoothly for our Client West Sussex County Council.
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Thursday 22nd of September 2011
Labour reveals candidate for Sussex police and crime commissioner

Whoever lands the £85,000-a-year position will take over the role of Sussex Police Authority.

Mr Daniel has been a member of the body since 2009 and sits as a magistrate.

He is also an East Sussex county councillor and Hastings borough councillor.

Mr Daniel believes his background stands him in good stead for the role. He said: "People in Crawley have their own priorities when it comes to crime prevention and these will differ to more rural areas of Sussex.

"But I will be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. We will work in partnership with police, local people and councils to tackle and prevent crime.

"I will keep police on the beat with neighbourhood policing, not hand it over to private companies or leave it to PCSOs.

"I am a member of Neighbourhood Watch and I know that here in Crawley community-based organisations like this are of high importance.

"I back a strong and swift response to antisocial behaviour – victims should get a response within 24 hours."

His selection was announced at the Charis Centre, in West Green, on Monday, with high-profile Labour MP Tom Watson in attendance.

Ifield resident John Wright, who is chairman of the Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation, was also invited to watch the announcement.

He said: "We are a non-political organisation with 126,000 members across Sussex and we want to win our neighbourhoods back.

"We have a good relationship with the police authority and I am hopeful that whoever becomes police commissioner will continue to work with us."

Mr Watson hopes residents will not simply vote along party lines and instead listen to each candidate's policies. He said: "The Labour Party was never in favour of introducing the police commissioner role. We would much rather have spent the £100 million on frontline services.

"However, the Government has made this decision and by announcing our candidates now we can spread the message that we will stand up for communities against the Government's 20 per cent cuts to policing and the loss of 16,000 police officers."

The police commissioner's responsibilities will include being a direct link between the public and police force, hiring and firing, and also assessing the work done by the chief constable.

They will also have to set the annual budget and formulate a five-year police and crime plan, in consultation with the chief constable, determining local policing priorities.

The policing policy and budget are currently set by Sussex Police Authority, which consists of 17 members.

The Conservative Party hopes to announce its candidate in mid-July.

Neither the Liberal Democrats or the Green Party have confirmed whether they intend to run a candidate. There is also the possibility of independent candidates standing.

The final list of nominees will be published in October ahead of November's election.