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Terms, Conditions and Cookie Policy

Terms and Conditions for Site Usage

This Site is owned and operated by The Charis Centre. The material contained on this Web Site, including the design, text, graphics all other information on this site are copyright of The Charis Centre. All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to copy, print and distribute in hard copy, sections of this site for the purpose of booking facilities at lThe Charis Centre.  Any unauthorised use of the material on this site without the prior permission of The Charis Centre may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws.


27th JULY 2011

The management of The Charis Centre, hereinafter known as the Centre, rests with the Centre Management and the owners, Crawley Community Church Crawley Registered Charity No. 1087953.


• To work closely with the local and wider community of Crawley
• Our attitude towards an application for the use of our premises will be a positive one.
We will seek to encourage appropriate organisations to use the premises for
meetings and activities, where such meetings are complimentary to the Church’s
regular activities. We will not, however, accept bookings for activities which are in
conflict with the Gospel and the Church’s Vision Statement and Values or will
prevent our regular activities from functioning in full.
• To operate an equal opportunities code of conduct and a code of
behaviour which
(i) treats all people with dignity and respect at all times,
(ii) will not tolerate language or humour which is sexist or racist or otherwise causes
(iii) will not tolerate harassment, abuse or intimidation on any grounds.

Anyone judged to be in breach of these codes or having engaged in unreasonably loud or unruly behaviour will be required by the Centre management to leave the premises. The management also reserves the right to refuse any application for use of the Centre facilities which it considers is in breach of these codes or is for an activity it considers to be otherwise unsuitable.


The Centre. The Building situated and known as The Charis Centre, West Green Drive, Crawley, RH11 7EL including outbuildings, walls, gates and fences, forecourt and parking areas.
The Centre Management. Those acting under the authority of Crawley Community Church Trust to conduct and supervise the day to day running of the Centre.
The Administrator. The person appointed and authorised by the management to conduct the business of hiring out Centre facilities.
The Hirer. The person, group or entity named in the schedule wishing to hire all or part of the Centre for the defined period and activity.
The Hired Premises. Those parts of the Centre agreed between the Hirer and the Administrator to which the Hirer will be given free access for the defined period and activity.
The Hire Period. As set out in the schedule, and no other.
The Activity. The purpose as stated in the schedule, and no other.
The Hiring Charge. The weekly/daily/hourly rate to hire the premises, as set out in the booking form and subject to the payment conditions.


The Centre Management agrees to allow the Hirer free access to the hired premises for the period and purpose of the activity, in consideration of the payment of the hiring charge.

For its part, the Hirer agrees:
• To abide by the aims and policy of The Charis Centre as set out in this document.
• Should the Administrator or Centre Management so require, to make available in good time for review any scripts, programme content or similar material for events or performances such as dramas or concerts.
• Not to use the premises for any unlawful purpose and to comply with such legal regulations and licensing requirements as are relevant to the activity.
• To abide by the strict 'NO SMOKING' policy which applies throughout the Centre. The Hirer is to ensure all visitors comply also.
• To note that no intoxicating liquor is permitted to be bought or sold on any part of the premises without a temporary licence that the hirer pays for. A copy of the temporary license needs to be given to the Centre 4 weeks in advance.
• Not to contravene any current legislation applicable to betting, gaming and lotteries.
• During its occupation of the premises and where required by law, to maintain a Child Protection Policy and Health and Safety Policy. Otherwise to take full responsibility for all relevant aspects of health and safety. e.g.:
Provide a responsible person/persons to respond to any emergency (fire, accident, injury) and to supervise visitors' safe access/ egress. Otherwise to ensure that all those attending (especially children) stay within the hired parts of the Centre. For large events (100 people or more), 3-4 stewards are required to sweep used parts of the Centre to ensure everyone has arrived at the appropriate Assembly Points in the front or rear car parks of the Centre, and wait for the assigned Duty Manager to arrive to give appropriate instructions. For regular bookings, the hirer is responsible for ensuring their group has arrived at the Assembly Point safely to await instructions from the Duty Manager.
(ii) Report any incident of fire, accident or injury to the Centre Management within 24 hours.
(iii) Any equipment or machinery brought onto the premises must be fit for purpose, free from defect and compliant with statutory regulations and electrical items must be covered by a current PAT Certificate. A copy of the current PAT Certificate will be taken when booking and must be renewed annually for regular bookings.
(iv) Any activity presenting a discernible fire hazard or potential for accident to be subject to a Risk Assessment, passed to the Administrator at least 10 days in advance.
NOTE: The Centre maintains its own Health and Safety Policy, a copy of which is available on request.
• To supervise visitors' car parking, avoiding undue obstruction or nuisance to entry and exit points, or named allocated parking, please note the following:
(i) Parking is within the allocated spaces only.
(ii) Parking is strictly at owner’s risk. The Centre can accept no liability whatsoever for cars parked in the Car Park
• Not to pin, fix or otherwise erect any fabric, scenery or other such items such as may obstruct or cause damage to the structure of the Centre.
• On completion of the activity, the Hirer shall promptly remove all its materials and equipment and reposition any items of furniture which may have been moved. All litter and rubbish must be taken away and the hired premises left clean and tidy.
• The Centre closes at midnight. For every 10 minutes the building is open after midnight due to the failure of the hirer to adhere to this policy will result in an additional £30 owed to The Charis Centre on top of the agreement contract.

All payments due by the hirers will be paid within the time specified on the contracts between the hirer and The Centre Management, Deposits are none refundable and will be required to hold any bookings
Should a hirer wish to cancel a booking then the following charges will apply
1) Cancellation 6 weeks or prior to the event The Hirer will not be required to pay apart from the initial deposit paid,
2) Cancellation between 4- 6 weeks of the event, the hirer will pay 25% of the total charge
3) Cancellation between 2-4 weeks of the event, the hirer will pay 50% of the total charge
4) Cancellation between 0 days and 2 weeks of the event, the hirer will pay the total charge.

Booking cancellation by The Centre Management

The Centre reserves the right to cancel any booking which it later discovers to not comply by The Centres policy ( as stated on these Terms and conditions) without prior notice.
In these cases The Centre will not be liable for any refunds of the event.

Should the centre cancel the bookings due to unforeseen circumstances i.e severe bad weather snow, floods etc it will make a full refund to the hirer

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